Full Workshop Listings

Workshops will either support men to come into a deeper connection with their sexuality or it’s about intimacy and relating and how we relate to one another as human beings. For example, a straight yoga workshop would not really fit, although it could be stretched to that with themes – because it’s a lot about self connection. The essence of these workshops are about men relating to other men, not so much about people on their own yoga mat not communicating with anybody for the whole two hours of the workshop.

Elements of the workshop we are looking for are the practices about men relating to each other and exercises where they get to practice different ways of relating to each other. Are they erotic, are they sensual, are they about men dropping into more awareness of their sexuality and embodying more of their erotic energy? So it isn’t, for example, a writing workshop where you might find out how to express yourself through words more. You might find that workshop at other festivals. Or it’s a singing workshop, to find your voice. Even though these things, yes, they bring us into deeper intimacy with ourselves – they are not specifically in the conscious relating intimacy field – which is where I want our workshops to go.

Wielding Your Magical Phallus

by Sadhu

Ignite the powerful force of your energetic cock!

Relish the energetic subtleties of penetration without even physically touching your partners!

Discover the conscious, consensual giving and receiving of energetic penetration as an incredible gateway to your sexual ecstasy!

Experience what it is to really receive the phallic energy body!

This workshop does NOT involve physical penetration. Energetic penetration can be practiced with as little or as much clothing as you’d like and does not involve skin to skin connection.

Curious?!? Come blow your mind with the orgasmic potential housed in your body!

Playfight Ritual (Evening Workshop)

by Love Dragon

This ritual is for the playful, the fighters, the inner animals, the hardcore cuddlers, the grown-up children and the dancers. It also welcomes everyone who adores the aforementioned and wants to meet them and learn from them.

This workshop provides a safe space for physical interaction between two people and teaches us about how we can co create connection and hold space as a group. While our differences can set us apart, in these two hours we will close ranks inspired by the colors of the rainbow. No previous experience necessary. Nudity and staying clothed are both welcome.

Naked Tango

by Love Dragon

It takes two to tango, but it doesn’t need clothes, so let’s shed those and dance.

This workshop is for dancers and nondancers alike, no previous experiences necessary. Forget any worries about learning sequences or being non/musical.

At its heart, this is a workshop about body awareness, nonverbal communication and being gentle.

Deepening Connection Through Play

by Simon

Discover an exciting and intimate way to connect!

Do you long for more ease in your connections?

Do you love intimacy but feel blocked?

Do you find yourself seeking things connections and yet not being fully satisfied?

This is a workshop to discover new ways to connect with each other. Outside of the standard forms of conversation or sexuality, how else can we discover each other and who we are?

In this workshop we will create a safe space to rediscover our playful selves and bring those into connection with each other to discover new ways to get intimate with each other and ourselves.

Play is a fundamental force of life and yet as adults we don’t give much time to it. It gives is the ability to make mistakes, take risks and find more joy in the world. With a playful attitude we can discover how to be more ourselves and how to have more fulfilling connections.

Let’s step in together and discover each other in a whole new way.

Circle Partner Meditation

by Love Dragon

In a simple format we will meditate together by caressing our partners’ bodies in circles according to their guidance.


Personal boundaries will be respected.

Our hands will travel on or above the skin of each other in varying speeds and intensities.

Massage & Play

by Tijs

In this workshop, we bring intimacy and creativity together. Instead of focusing on the technique, we will express ourselves in different forms of touch. We will use an examining, dynamic and playful form of massage, with all our body parts, based on “alchemy of touch”.

The creativity comes from inside. In each part of your body, there are different layers of feelings: tension, pleasure, fear, desire, etc. Feeling inside, you will be aware of an impulse of movement. We use this movement to touch and massage each other. You will experience that our bodies communicate through sensuality.

We will often change partners, touching each other with and without using massage oil, using different forms of slow movement and touch. This will make you feel safe, connected and peaceful. You don’t get forced into anything and all touch is based on consent.

Energetic Layers of Being

by Asim Starfire

★ You work with several people in the exercises and the massage
★ Bring: a beach towel, a small towels, a sarong and oil

In this workshop we will explore how to work with an energetic touch. It will be an exploration of our body energy field by using tools of the agnisara breathwork, kriya yoga postures and massage.

Our life-Force energy has a different flavor in every chakra. In the workshop we explore these different flavors and how we express and perceive them. By energizing our system in a group setting we will lift the energy of the group for deeper impact, feeling our different energy centers (chakras) and the layers of our being (aura).

Tools will be shared to channel this energy into a massage; directing the energy with intention, touch and gesture. Experience the energetic layers of the body. For the whole mind body experience to integrate fully.

You will be working with several people in the exercises and the massage.

Partner Nude Yoga

by Franscis

In this workshop, we bring intimacy and creativity together.

A 2-hour workshop to practice yoga asanas with yourself and with a partner. Being supported by another man is fun and gives you the opportunity to go deeper in a pose or stretch. If feels damn good to be physically so close to/with another man and to feel each others energy.

It will be a workshop for all levels. So even if you never have done yoga you are welcome to join.

We will practice alone to start with, to fall into yourself, to get embodied. Followed by working with a partner, alternating with other partners. We also will do some group activities towards the end. Standing, sitting, laying down. We end in deep relaxation, laying in savasana and practice yoga nidra.

Love, Your Anus

by Jason

How well do you know your ass hole? We grow up with so much shame around our anuses, even the most practiced bottoms may still not offer their anus the love and appreciation it deserves.

How does one come into right relation with his ass, in order to unlock deeper realms of anal pleasure and bliss?

Whether your anus is a no-go zone, or you’re a proud power bottom, in this workshop you’ll get to know your anus from its point of view.

What stories do I have around my anus? How have I treated it – or not? And how can I love my ass, so that it loves me back?

We’ll practice deeply honoring our ass holes and all they’re capable of, leaving with an empowered anus that’s ready for action.

There will not be anal penetration in this workshop; however please be freshly showered and bring a towel to lie on.