Workshop Taoistic Tantric Massage

Tantra means expansion and liberation, it is a way of self-examination in connection with other men. Taoism and Tantra both see sexual energy as an expression of creative life energy. This energy can be used to increase life force, nurture spiritual connection and stimulate health. The Taoist Tantric massage is an integration of breathwork, full body massage and sensual touch. There can be deep emotions of pleasure, desire and bliss.

During this workshop, you can choose that your genitals (lingam) will be massaged or the massage is more focused on your buttocks and spine. In both cases, your sexual energy is generated and spread over your body. The circulation of energy through the body (without ejaculation) creates intense feelings You will become more sensitive all over your body and you will experience aliveness, spaciousness as your senses will be more awake.

We will start doing some meditative tantric exercises together, with chakras and breath work. Then we will practice different strokes in couples. Finally we will exchange four hands tantric massages.

As long as you identify as man, you can join this workshop, no matter what’s your sexual orientation, what your genitals look like or what’s your body shape. You can be partly dressed or fully naked.

By Tijs