Massage Dance

Come to enjoy movement and touch together, playful and sensual enjoyment with other men together.
In massage dance, movement, dance, touch and massage alternate and are combined in a playful way.

Do you crave touch from other men in a tuned dance? Do you want to move your body and touch each other sensually and passionately at the same time? Then come to the massage dance, an intimate, tranquil dance in which we lovingly caress each other with our whole body.

We alternate this with free dance, contact improvisation and massage. We do this without clothing, with like-minded people, where an open attitude is important, but sexual orientation does not play a role.

The intense body contact often has an erotic charge, especially when oil is also used for body-to-body massage. It may also be that, with mutual consent, genitals are also touched. But there will be no sexual acts.

By Tijs