Intention of Touch

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. If shortcuts are meant to get you there quickly, why should we use them when receiving or giving pleasure?
Porn teaches us that sex goes like this: hot person arrives, short quip, sucking, licking, fucki-fucki, cumshot
Let’s rewrite those scripts and get together for juicy new scenes, to rediscover what’s hot and to be playful together.

In this workshop we will practice put intention on our touch without words. We will explore the joy of touching and being touched. For instance, imagine the finger moving up the spine to the nape of the neck: the journey should have a slow teasing intention to reach an imaginary place that will bring great pleasure to the receiver and the explorer too. I invite you to do a 50/50 game where you will give and receive at the same time. Using different kind of strokes and pressures moving continuously and slowly. Then you can create your own small undressing ritual.

This will be a very touch oriented workshop

By Pinto!