Free your ass, spirit will follow

Playful dive into the darkness of your shadow. Transforming your shit into gold. Manifesting new mental patterns to let the gold shine. With

Relational Mindfulness

Relational Mindfulness is an interpersonal meditation. It is the practice of listening, speaking and touching in deeper awareness of presence and

Beyond Penetration

In this workshop we will practice how to put (second) Intentions on our touch without words. Helping you to discover and mapping the most

Undress me sir

This is a power-play workshop, where half the group will remain dressed while the other half is stripped. It’s about stepping into power and

Trance Dance Ceremony

Sacred Dances are almost as old as humanity and exist all around the planet.In the Trance Dance Ceremony we you go on an inner and outer Journey,

Massage Dance

Come to enjoy movement and touch together, playful and sensual enjoyment with other men together.
In massage dance, movement, dance, touch and

Rope Flow Meditation

Rope Flow Meditation This is a simple partner exercise which is very loosely inspired by bondage. We will work with ropes, but without tying